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Custom Photo Etched Lapel Pins

These are made from a similar starting point as the soft enamel trading pins, and we can make them into any shape, but the photo etched lapel pins will not have internal stamping that allow for enamel paint to be filled in. Our photo etched pins have a smooth face that allows a computer to photo “etch” your design directly into the pin surface. The areas are then filled with enamel paint in the colors you choose

Lapel pins can be used to indicate an affiliation with an organization, for example college fraternities and sororities. These pins can be used to draw attention to various causes, like the pink ribbon lapel pins for breast cancer awareness, or to express patriotism with American flag lapel pins.

Photo-Etched Lapel Pin Pricing

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
3/4" $3.15 $2.69 $1.95 $1.62 $1.46 $1.26 $1.24 $1.05 $0.89 $0.71
1" $3.18 $2.79 $2.06 $1.69 $1.52 $1.30 $1.30 $1.08 $0.95 $0.80
1.25" $3.26 $2.99 $2.21 $1.77 $1.59 $1.33 $1.33 $1.13 $1.02 $0.83
1.50" $3.47 $3.20 $2.59 $1.91 $1.69 $1.46 $1.44 $1.23 $1.11 $0.89
1.75" $3.95 $3.61 $2.93 $2.30 $2.06 $1.79 $1.90 $1.62 $1.45 $1.44
2" $4.13 $3.80 $3.14 $2.49 $2.26 $1.96 $2.06 $1.83 $1.62 $1.60

These are great for rewarding employees or boosting employee morale, company productivity and employee engagement. These lapel pins can be an integral part of your business' identity. These pins will look great on your employees and can add to your business' confidence and employee commitment.

These lapel pins can call attention to the type of work your company does. The more of the public that sees your business' pins, the more exposure and information given to the public, therefore promoting your business.

These lapel pins for your employees can be a great method to promote your business at a low cost to you. These attractively designed pins can catch attention and get your company noticed. The employees of your company can wear these pins with pride, which will bring a sense of identity and belonging to your organization.

Included With Every Custom Lapel Pin Order:

Colors: 7 colors included at no additional charge!
Design: Our talented graphic artist team will design your custom lapel pin absolutely free!
Mold Charges & Fees: No mold charges, period!

  • Free Artwork and Revisions
  • Free Digital Proofs of Your Pins
  • Free Design Consultation
  • Free Enamel Colors
  • 10 Day Production
  • Free FedEx Air Shipping
  • 100% Price Match Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Note: Due to the extreme volume of custom lapel pins and custom trading pins ordered between the dates of June, 1st and July, 31st, there will be NO delivery guarantees implied or offered between this time period.