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Custom Die Struck Digital Lapel Pins

Custom die struck lapel pins are created by stamping your design onto a sheet of metal, which creates a die cast mold. Most often, the metal used in these molds is copper or brass. An impression is created by your design in the metal. Cutting molds will be created individually where the manufacturers cut your design out of your chosen shape.

Plating is also done with custom die struck lapel pins, and most commonly done is gold on gold. Other plating such as silver and black nickel is also available. The raised surfaces are highly polished with a sandy texture left in the recessed areas creating a sandblasted type appearance.

Antiquing is a possible finish to these pins, which adds a kind of classy aged appearance to lapel pins. It also adds contrast to the design as well.

Die Struck Lapel Pin Pricing

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
3/4" $3.15 $2.69 $1.95 $1.62 $1.46 $1.26 $1.24 $1.05 $0.89 $0.71
1" $3.18 $2.79 $2.06 $1.69 $1.52 $1.30 $1.30 $1.08 $0.95 $0.80
1.25" $3.26 $2.99 $2.21 $1.77 $1.59 $1.33 $1.33 $1.13 $1.02 $0.83
1.50" $3.47 $3.20 $2.59 $1.91 $1.69 $1.46 $1.44 $1.23 $1.11 $0.89
1.75" $3.95 $3.61 $2.93 $2.30 $2.06 $1.79 $1.90 $1.62 $1.45 $1.44
2" $4.13 $3.80 $3.14 $2.49 $2.26 $1.96 $2.06 $1.83 $1.62 $1.60

Our custom die struck lapel pins are made to order. You submit your designs, or our highly trained graphic artists on staff can create one for you. Whether you submit the design, or we create it, it’s yours. You approve the proof, and we don’t start production until you do.

Our custom die stuck lapel pins are top of the line, and we’ll match our quality against any of our competitors, that’s any of our competitors. We offer free proofs and revisions. We offer UPS priority shipping, free. We offer 10-day delivery, and we guarantee our quality. Call us today at 866-903-0231. Alternatively, you can click the free quote link or email us at sales@247lapelpins.com.

Included With Every Custom Lapel Pin Order:

Colors: 7 colors included at no additional charge!
Design: Our talented graphic artist team will design your custom lapel pin absolutely free!
Mold Charges & Fees: No mold charges, period!

  • Free Artwork and Revisions
  • Free Digital Proofs of Your Pins
  • Free Design Consultation
  • Free Enamel Colors
  • 10 Day Production
  • Free FedEx Air Shipping
  • 100% Price Match Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Note: Due to the extreme volume of custom lapel pins and custom trading pins ordered between the dates of June, 1st and July, 31st, there will be NO delivery guarantees implied or offered between this time period.