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Custom Offset Digital Lapel Pins

These lapel pins offer the highest resolution and crystal clear detail. These pins differ from the soft enamel in that there is no recessed or raised areas on the surface of the pin. These pins have a smooth surface to which the art is printed on that surface. With this process, gradient colors can be used, even photographic images can be used. The result is a highly prized pin with a clarity that is leaps and bounds above the others.

This process has a great advantage over other methods in that it has a consistently high image quality, which produces sharp and clean images. Production of printing plates is quick and easy. It also happens to be the cheapest method for producing high quality printing in large quantities.

Use this process when you want to create a pin that has a high resolution appearance and appeal. Using this process gets your lapel pins noticed and your organization or business promoted. It gets them talking about your organization or business, and that's never a bad thing.

Offset Digital Lapel Pin Pricing

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
3/4" $3.15 $2.69 $1.95 $1.62 $1.46 $1.26 $1.24 $1.05 $0.89 $0.71
1" $3.18 $2.79 $2.06 $1.69 $1.52 $1.30 $1.30 $1.08 $0.95 $0.80
1.25" $3.26 $2.99 $2.21 $1.77 $1.59 $1.33 $1.33 $1.13 $1.02 $0.83
1.50" $3.47 $3.20 $2.59 $1.91 $1.69 $1.46 $1.44 $1.23 $1.11 $0.89
1.75" $3.95 $3.61 $2.93 $2.30 $2.06 $1.79 $1.90 $1.62 $1.45 $1.44
2" $4.13 $3.80 $3.14 $2.49 $2.26 $1.96 $2.06 $1.83 $1.62 $1.60
Setup Fees: 1" - $55.00, 1.25" - $65.00, 1.5" - $85.00, 2" - $200.00 | No mold fee regardless of pin count

Use these pins to: indicate belonging, draw attention to your various causes, reward employees, boost morale, boost productivity, encourage employee engagement, promote your business or just use them for ornamental purposes.

The quality of our work is second to none! We at 247lapelpins.com have among the nation's best and talented graphic arts team. And it's a team that is ready to create a custom designed lapel pin for your organization at your request. We don't charge for our artwork. We can get you a same-day, full color digital proof and unlimited revisions. We work at your disposal. We also offer you free mold and setup, free UPS priority shipping, 10-day delivery and a 100% quality guarantee.

Included With Every Custom Lapel Pin Order:

Colors: 7 colors included at no additional charge!
Design: Our talented graphic artist team will design your custom lapel pin absolutely free!
Mold Charges & Fees: No mold charges, period!

  • Free Artwork and Revisions
  • Free Digital Proofs of Your Pins
  • Free Design Consultation
  • Free Enamel Colors
  • 10 Day Production
  • Free FedEx Air Shipping
  • 100% Price Match Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Note: Due to the extreme volume of custom lapel pins and custom trading pins ordered between the dates of June, 1st and July, 31st, there will be NO delivery guarantees implied or offered between this time period.