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Custom Challenge Coins

The History of Military Challenge Coins

We offer custom challenge coins. The practice of holding these coins is debatable, but many believe it dates back to World War I. Legend has it that a soldier captured by the enemy escaped by passing himself off as a civilian. He was accosted by local forces who were told to be on the lookout for enemy soldiers masquerading as civilians. He had been stripped of all of his identifying credentials, but was also identified as an American soldier by producing a challenge coin.

How Challenge Coins Are Used Today

President Bill Clinton displayed several challenge coins given to him by service members. George W. Bush received a challenge coin from a marine patrol unit during a visit to an airbase in Iraq. Barack Obama placed challenge coins on the memorials to soldiers killed in the Fort Hood shooting.

The popularity of challenge coins is spreading outside of the military. NASCAR, the NFL and a number of police and fire departments and fraternal organizations are increasingly obtaining and using challenge coins.

Custom Challenge Coin Pricing

Gold or Silver 100 300 500 1000+
1.5" Coin (no color) 3.30 3.11 3.05 2.70
1.5" Coin (one side w/color) 3.58 3.37 3.31 2.94
1.5" Coin (color on both sides) 3.74 3.58 3.37 3.14
1.75" Coin (no color) 3.62 3.44 3.37 3.01
1.75" Coin (one side w/color) 3.96 3.86 3.77 3.37
1.75" Coin (color on both sides) 4.28 4.24 4.17 3.74
2" Coin (no color) 3.96 3.77 3.64 3.29
2" Coin (one side w/color) 4.36 4.35 4.25 3.79
2" Coin (color on both sides) 4.84 4.78 4.73 4.28

No mold fee for quantites over 300. Mold fees: 1.5" - $100, 1.75" - $125, 2" - $150.

Custom Challenge Coin Edgings

Custom Challenge Coin Finishings

Additional Options

  • Clear Coat Epoxy - $ 0.30 Per Side
  • Antiquity - $ 0.40 For Two Sides
  • Sequential Numbering - $ 0.35
  • Duo Tone Metal - $ 0.75 Each
  • Glitter - $ 0.12
  • 3D Mold - Double Mold Fee
  • Glow In The Dark - $ 0.20
  • Cut Outs - $ 50.00 Each
  • Velvet Bag - $ 0.60 Each
  • Acrylic Coin Capsule - $ 1.00 Each

FREE Artwork & Design Plus 14-Day Turnaround… Guaranteed!

Our challenge coins are among the highest quality, custom-designed challenge coins on the market. A variety of designs and colors are available, and we can insert your company or organization's logo into the design. These coins are cut from sheet metal. Those coin shapes are then placed into a stamp where pressure imprints the image onto the coin. Then colors are applied if chosen.

Our quality is second to none. We take pride in our work, and our knowledgeable staff of customer service representatives is ready to answer your questions. Our talented staff of graphic artists is ready to create a design for you. Call us now at 866-903-0231.Or email us at sales@247lapelpins.com. Or click the “free quote” link.